struct UserResponse#

FIX UserResponse <BF> message.

This message is used to respond to a User Request <BE> message, it reports the status of the user after the completion of any action requested in the User Request <BE> message.

Public Functions

std::span<std::byte const> encode(roq::fix::Header const&, std::span<std::byte> const &buffer) const#

Encode to buffer.

bool is_valid() const#

Validate if message contains all required fields.

Public Members

std::string_view user_request_id#

UserRequestID <923> (required)

std::string_view username#

Username <553> (required)

roq::fix::UserStatus user_status = {}#

UserStatus <926>

std::string_view user_status_text#

UserStatusText <927>

Public Static Functions

static UserResponse create(roq::fix::Message const&)#