struct ResendRequest#

FIX ResendRequest <2> message.

The resend request is sent by the receiving application to initiate the retransmission of messages. This function is utilized if a sequence number gap is detected, if the receiving application lost a message, or as a function of the initialization process.

Public Functions

std::span<std::byte const> encode(roq::fix::Header const&, std::span<std::byte> const &buffer) const#

Encode to buffer.

bool is_valid() const#

Validate if message contains all required fields.

Public Members

uint64_t begin_seq_no = {}#

BeginSeqNo <7> (required)

uint64_t end_seq_no = {}#

EndSeqNo <16> (required)

Public Static Functions

static ResendRequest create(roq::fix::Message const&)#