struct MarketDataRequestReject#

FIX MarketDataRequestReject <Y> message.

The Market Data Request Reject <Y> is used when the broker cannot honor the Market Data Request <V>, due to business or technical reasons. Brokers may choose to limit various parameters, such as the size of requests, whether just the top of book or the entire book may be displayed, and whether Full or Incremental updates must be used.

Public Functions

std::span<std::byte const> encode(roq::fix::Header const&, std::span<std::byte> const &buffer) const#

Encode to buffer.

bool is_valid() const#

Validate if message contains all required fields.

Public Members

std::string_view md_req_id#

MDReqID <262> (required)

roq::fix::MDReqRejReason md_req_rej_reason = {}#

MDReqRejReason <281> (required)

std::string_view text#

Text <58>

Public Static Functions

static MarketDataRequestReject create(roq::fix::Message const&, std::span<std::byte> const &data)#