struct SecurityStatusRequest#

FIX SecurityStatusRequest <e> message.

The Security Status Request <e> message provides for the ability to request the status of a security. One or more Security Status <f> messages are returned as a result of a Security Status Request <e> message.

Public Functions

std::span<std::byte const> encode(roq::fix::Header const&, std::span<std::byte> const &buffer) const#

Encode to buffer.

bool is_valid() const#

Validate if message contains all required fields.

Public Members

std::string_view security_status_req_id#

SecurityStatusReqId <324> (required)

std::string_view symbol#

Symbol <55> (required)

std::string_view security_exchange#

SecurityExchange <207> (required)

roq::fix::SubscriptionRequestType subscription_request_type = {}#

SubscriptionRequestType <263> (required)

std::string_view trading_session_id#

TradingSessionID <336>

Public Static Functions

static SecurityStatusRequest create(roq::fix::Message const&, std::span<std::byte> const &data)#