What is it?

A toolkit for quant traders wanting full control of their own trading platform. Open, modular and built for ultra-low latency market making. Interfaced from C++ or using the FIX protocol.

  • C++ API
  • Live trading tools
  • Simulation tools
  • Market gateways
  • Data capture
  • FIX Bridge

Although currently focused on Cryptocurrencies, there's nothing inherently specific to these markets. The C++ API has been designed to be close to the protocols used by FIX and CME.

Who is it for?

Traders and market makers seeking an edge from using ultra-low latency software solutions.

  • Algorithmic traders
  • Arbitrageurs
  • High frequency traders
  • Market makers
  • Proprietary traders
  • Quantitative traders

We can only offer software licenses to legal entities due to the long-term relationship required to continuously maintain and improve the software solutions.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

  • Everything is free to download
  • Try without NDA or license agreement
  • Open and modular so you can build your own software stack
  • Microservice design for maximum up-time
  • Very low latency for internal response time
  • Trivial to switch between simulation and live trading
  • All events automatically collected by the gateways
  • Integrated with popular database and monitoring solutions
  • Easy third-party integration using FIX or JSON
  • Sophisticated request management to support market making
  • Rate-limit policies
  • Trading policies


Software Licenses

  • Gateways
  • FIX Bridge

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Service Level Agreement

  • General availability
  • Support for critical issues within 2 business days
  • Up to eight hours of software support per month
  • General support charged by the hour

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  • Binaries and libraries free to download
  • C++ library for simulation and low latency trading
  • FIX Bridge to access from any language or solution
  • Online documentation
  • Samples demonstrating general concepts

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  • Conda for binary distribution
  • Ansible for server configuration
  • Vagrant for VM configuration
  • Adapters for databases, e.g. ClickHouse
  • Integrates with monitoring solutions, e.g. Prometheus
  • FIX Bridge to integrate with third-party solutions

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Software License, Support and Maintenance

  • Fixed fee
    • 1'500 CHF / month
  • Type 1 market gateways
    • Market data: 200 CHF / month
    • Market data and order management: 400 CHF / month / instance
  • Type 2 market gateways (*)
    • Typically 1-2'000 CHF / month / instance
  • FIX Bridge
    • 1'000 CHF / month
  • Support
    • Up to 8 hours / month included in the fixed fee
    • Additional support charged at 250 CHF / hour
  • Professional services
    • 300 CHF / hour


  • All prices exclusive of VAT and other taxes
  • Software licenses are only available to registered companies
  • Software licenses are only issued for the end-user
  • Any license violation will result in the immediate termination

(*) Type 2 gateways are more expensive to develop and maintain due to recurring costs relating to connectivity, co-location or certification. Examples include CME, LMAX and Gemini. Please note that we may offer a rebate if you allow us exchange access through your infrastructure.



Founded 2018.

The beginning was motivated by the desire to continue two decades of experimentation with various aspects of algorithmic trading solutions.

The first project was driven by a fund wanting full control over their market taking strategies trading on Chinese exchanges.

The solution was later redesigned from the ground up to be a ultra-low latency solution for market making on Cryptocurrency exchanges.

The solution has solidified during 2021 while working very closely with an established equity market maker who wanted to move into Cryptocurrencies.

The expectation is that more and more exchange will be moving to a classic setup with efficient protocols and co-location.


  • Strongly biased towards quality and performance
  • Competetive with best-in-class software solutions
  • Unlocking software capabilities should not require lock-ins
  • Service Level Agreement should be available to professionals
  • Solutions should be available to everyone, with or without SLA


Hans Erik Thrane


25 years of experience as algo trader and quant developer at leading sell side firms, including UBS and Morgan Stanley.

Writing code has always been my passion. I want perfection and it can only come with continuous iteration. I often go for hikes in the mountains where I live. Then I meditate on current and new ideas. That has helped a lot with getting the product to where it is today. And seeing rocks every day has also helped with the inspiration for the company name.