A collection of components and solutions allowing you to design and implement your own algorithmic trading platform.

Gateways are the core components. These are closed source and will generally require you to enter a license agreement in order to unlock all capabilities.

Client libraries will always be free to download and use.

Tools, for installing and configuring the software stack, have been open sourced and can be found online.

Business is primarily based on the gateway licenses. In return, for entering a license agreement, you will benefit from a guarantee that the software is being maintained and further improved.


  • Everything you need is free to download
  • You can try without NDA or license agreement
  • Modular so you control the entire software stack
  • A microservice design for maximum up-time
  • Very low latency for internal response time
  • Trivial switch between trading and simulation
  • Gateways can automatically collect all events
  • Support for popular database and monitoring solutions


  • Quantitative Hedge Funds
  • Proprietary Trading Firms
  • Private Investors
  • Market Makers
  • Market Takers
  • Algorithmic Traders
  • Quant Traders
  • Quant Developers
  • High Frequency Traders (HFT)



  • Licensed software
  • Single trading interface to access all exchanges
  • Microservice design
  • Shared memory interface for ultra low latency
  • FlatBuffers interface when latency is less important
  • User configuration including limit checks
  • Event log to capture all messages

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  • Libraries are free to download or open source
  • C++ library for trading and simulation
  • Python module to demonstrate the FlatBuffers interface
  • Documentation is free to access
  • Samples are available online

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  • Open source
  • Ansible for server configuration
  • Vagrant for VM configuration
  • Exporters for InfluxDB, ClickHouse and Redis
  • Integrates with Prometheus, AlertManager and Grafana

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  • Analysis
  • Project planning
  • Bespoke solutions

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Roq GmbH was founded in 2018 born out of frustrations with deliberately hard to use software solutions for algorithmic trading. Not only are professional solutions very expensive, they also require dedicated IT teams to install and use and have deep lock-ins requiring up-front commitment and signed NDA’s. It can also be very frustrating not having full insight when it comes to tuning the infrastructure: everything is geared towards offering consultancy services.


Our belief is that it is possible to provide competitive high-quality solutions at a fraction of the cost, without the lock-ins. We believe that being open is the key to joint success: we offer open sourced API’s, samples and tooling. Our gateway solutions expose very detailed metrics allowing you to easily understand live performance and help you tune your infrastructure.

Hans Erik Thrane


25 years of experience as algo trader and quant developer at leading sell side firms, including UBS and Morgan Stanley.