Release 0.4.4

All gateways
  • Symbols can now be subscribed using include/exclude filters. The different syntax options are now

    symbols = ".*"  # everything
    symbols = [ "BTC.*", "ETH.*" ]  # prefix is BTC or ETH
      include = ".*"
      exclude = [ "USDT-.*" ]  # do *not* include when prefix is USDT-
  • Updated all config templates to reflect new symbols syntax.

  • Using a license manager is now optional at the cost of gateways using a reduced feature set. Default is now to not use a license manager. The reason for this change was prompted by a client not feeling comfortable with the gatewy connecting to an Internet service.

  • Requires exclusion of USDT-.* due to market data subscription errors for these instruments.
  • Now available for download so it can run on your local network.
  • Not currently required and should be considered "work in progress".
  • Now re-using a shared task to generate gateway files (config, systemd, etc).
  • Updated
    • Reference/Gateways/Config
    • Reference/Gateways/Flags
  • Added
    • Reference/Protocols/*
    • Reference/Deployment/roq-license-manager
    • Reference/Deployment/roq-influxdb