This adapter allows you to upload event-logs to the InfluxDB time-series database.

To note

  • You should create the database. Use the influx command-line tool and execute something like this: create database roq.

  • To avoid high cardinality, nested arrays are saved as fields where the naming convention follows this pattern: <group>_<field>_<index> (e.g. bids_price_0). Please note that some arrays can be very large, e.g. the initial image of an order book.



InfluxDB URI, e.g. http://localhost:8086.


InfluxDB username.


InfluxDB password.


You can use a flagfile to hide the password.


InfluxDB database name.


You must create the database.


Upper limit on number of rows to insert using a single request. InfluxDB documentation recommends 5000.